Private lessons are available to skaters of all ages and all levels, no experience needed. Our professional coaches cater to the needs of the skater, including beginners learning to ice skate, advanced skaters developing freestyle skills, and competitive skaters mastering their figure skating routines. 

Private lessons are a great supplement for those skaters struggling with one or two skills in our Learn to Skate Classes and want to advance to the next level.

Private lessons offer an opportunity for one-on-one learning focused on a skater’s individual needs.  They can accelerate a skater’s progress through Learn to Skate classes and/or offer a path to become a competitive figure skater

Private lessons may only be taught on Freestyle Ice sessions. 

Private lessons are Not permitted during Public Skate sessions.

Private lesson fees vary based on a coach’s experience and qualifications. Most lessons are 30 minutes long, the average lesson fee for a ½ hour lesson starts at $25+.  The skater is responsible for paying the coaching fee directly to the coach.

If you already know a coach who you/your skater would like to work with, you may speak to the coach directly to see if he/she is available for private lessons.

If you are not familiar with our instructors, you can fill out a Private Lesson Request Form. Once completed, the Skate Director will ensure all coaches are able to see the form posted.  If a coach has a slot available that you have requested, he/she will contact you and all arrangements will be made directly with the coach.

Please reach out to our Skate Director with any questions you may have.

Why Consider Private Lessons?

  • Private Lessons are NOT a substitute for Skate School Classes. However, they may assist a student in passing a class sooner.

  • Sometimes just one or two skills can prevent a child from passing a level for several sessions. A few private lessons concentrating effort on those particular skills may help the skater pass.

  • Students interested in trying a Figure Skating Competition will need a private instructor to get them started.

How To Get Started

  • Private lesson request forms are available at the front counter. Fill out one of these forms and leave it with the front counter personnel. A coach will be selected by the Skate School Director to best suit your needs and they will contact you.

  • If you have a particular Coach in mind, please request them by listing their name on the form. All Seasons' Staff is prohibited from soliciting customers, but they are all more than happy to help those who inquire.

  • If you are interested in receiving more information regarding the All Seasons' Staff, please contact 630-851-0755


Private coaches work as independent contractors. All coaches have slightly different policies and procedures. Please check with your coach before beginning lessons. Standard policies are as follows:

  • Notify your coach as soon as possible of any and all cancellations. Failure to do so may result in full payment of the scheduled lesson.

  • Coaches may reschedule lessons with another student should three or more cancellations occur without proper notification.

  • Please be prompt. Tardiness cannot be made up by the coach as ice time is not flexible. You are responsible for full payment of lesson regardless of tardiness.

  • Compensation will be made if the tardiness or absence is on the part of the coach.


Customers are responsible for paying the coach directly. Coaching fees may range between $25 - $45 for a 30 minute session, depending upon the experience and qualifications of the coach. Ice time must be paid for prior to taking the ice for the lesson. Ice costs $10 for ½ hour and $20 per hour.  Punch cards are available to purchase for both convenience and to save money per half-hour/hour. Learn-To-Skate practices are available for lessons if the student is currently enrolled in a class.